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Imagine a place where energy and excitement abound, and the independence and expectations increase. The place is marked by rigor, relationships, and relevance. Envision this place, and you have the image of Westlake’s Middle School Program. Because at Westlake, we believe in understanding children at each developmental stage they are experiencing and preparing them for academic excellence, social appropriateness, and current and meaningful application in the world today. We accomplish these ideals within the context and integration of the Biblical worldview, which serves as our primary framework.

Early adolescence is a time of transition, and we consider it a privilege to prepare children to meet the challenges they face during this significant time of change. Our program is sensitive to the struggles of middle school students for identity and for balancing the demands of this period in their lives. Ultimately, we endeavor to ensure students evidence the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to venture into high school, understanding their individual gifts in the context of the Biblical worldview.

In providing a rigorous setting, we enjoy the vigor of middle school students coupled with their evolving stage of added independence. This reality creates a dynamic learning environment where children face new standards for learning. The middle school environment helps students process information and think critically. During these important years, the aim is to produce young leaders who are self-directed and intellectually curious.

In their classrooms, middle school students encounter teachers who care not only about their academic prowess, but also, their continued advancement as young people. As a result, the middle school teachers build trusting relationships with students as they encourage them and foster their growth academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, behaviorally, physically, and civically. Ensuring the students possess relevant, 21st Century skills and habits of mind round out the broad goals of a Westlake Middle School experience.