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As the premier Christian school in Northern Pinellas County, Southern Pasco County, and the Trinity area, Westlake Christian School is committed to providing a superior education for every one of our students. For more than two decades, the core of this commitment has been academic excellence within a Biblical worldview. This excellence is realized through the integration of faith and learning: rigorous and innovative curriculum with Biblical integration combined with individual attention from our talented faculty. 

Westlake Christian School has progressive curricular objectives from the elementary school through the middle school. Best practices research in teaching Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and each content area is the foundation. Westlake Christian School also draws from the instructional objectives found in the nationally standardized test used for  evaluations.

Westlake Christian School ties curricular activities to real-world situations and applications. Students have multiple opportunities for improving their skills as they make decisions, solve problems, and work toward self-reliance and self-determination. Students have a variety of opportunities to interact with their grade-level peers, including working in collaborative groups, attending field trips, participating in lunch and recess, and engaging in after school activities.

In addition to the curriculum in each content area, Westlake Christian School believes in preparing young people to compete with their contemporaries in an ever-changing, global economy. As such, Westlake Christian School has adopted the Framework for 21st Century Learning published by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Westlake teachers combine with the curriculum an emphasis on the 4Cs:  Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. By integrating these skills within the instructional program, the school is instilling students with the mindsets they will need to succeed.

Our success has been established year after year. Each year, Westlake participates and continually excels in a variety of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) competitions. These include: Creative Writing, Music, Art, Spelling Bee, Math Olympics, and Speech. What’s more, Westlake has participated in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP) since 2008. Annually, approximately 70 percent of our fourth and fifth grade students and 60 percent of seventh grade students qualify for the TIP.