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At Westlake, we believe in establishing our loving and caring environment early on.  Beginning in our sunny lower elementary school halls, you and your child will encounter a setting that is considered to be a “second home” where even the youngest children begin to lay a firm foundation for their future. In our lower elementary school division, each child is given the tools and support to grow to his or her potential in all areas—academic, spiritual, social, behavioral, emotional, and physical. He or she is provided with life-long skills to develop self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning. The nurturing that begins in our lower elementary school division continues into the upper elementary school division with our attentive and knowledgeable teachers who are specialists in furthering students’ interest and dedication to learning and promoting structure and positive discipline.

As you would anticipate from a school like Westlake, our elementary school students certainly discover more than simply the sum of their academic experiences. As students develop over time, the school learning community encourages students to work progressively, collaboratively, and purposefully. In this setting, students can make connections between their past knowledge and new skills and information and begin to think critically.

In our elementary school, our activities work in concert with one another. Academics, Biblical integration, field trips, author’s presentations, free play, music programs, and more are developed with the idea of providing a variety of experiences to cultivate high-level thinking skills and promote social skills. Each elementary school grade has two classrooms, and our Homeroom teachers are charged with instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Bible. Our Enrichment/Specialist teachers instruct in the areas of Music, Instrumental Music, Art, Physical Education, Library, Foreign Language and Technology.

Westlake’s teaching staff has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees and represent a variety of trainings and backgrounds. While several of our teachers earned their credentials in nearby colleges and universities, a number also hold degrees and have expertise from other areas of the country. This fact brings a rich quality to our educational community.