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Our Mission

At Westlake Christian School, we guide and inspire students to develop their God-given potential while fostering a lifelong love of learning in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment. 

Our Vision

Westlake Christian School endeavors to educate children to know God, understand themselves, and transform their community for Christ. 

Our Core Values

* Integration of faith and learning
* Excellence
* Well-roundedness
* Professionalism
* Safety
* Relationships
* Adaptability



Our Educational Philosophy

The faculty and staff are committed Christians who seek to model the practical aspects of a Biblical faith through their everyday lives and who teach academics within a Biblical framework. Their care and concern for each child and family is evident in their relationships with students and parents.
Westlake Christian School believes that each child is unique, given special gifts by God, and has a God-ordained calling in life. The role of faculty and students is to seek and develop those special gifts. Thus, Westlake is committed to academic excellence in accordance with Biblical values.
Using Christ as our model, as exemplified in Luke 2:52: (“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men,”) Westlake Christian School is dedicated to educating students in five key areas of development: intellectual, spiritual, physical, behavioral, and social.